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    ​ DELIVERY OFFERED ❄︎ ONLINE STORE OF TECHNICAL PRODUCTS - PLUMBING & HEATING Category All Boiler/Water circuits maintenance Air conditioning/VMC maintenance Solar Panel Maintenance Roof/Terrace Moss Remover Hand Cleaner DDC - DECALAMINATING DEOXIDIZER CONCENTRATE Price €121.91 Excluding VAT Add to Cart NDC 304 - CONCENTRATED SCALING DEOXIDIZER Price €135.00 Excluding VAT Add to Cart NDC 304 PAE - Nettoyant Corps de Chauffe ALUMINIUM/INOX Price €15.95 Excluding VAT Add to Cart 1002C - CONCENTRATED BOILER CIRCUIT DESCALER - 5L Price €48.15 Excluding VAT Add to Cart 1002C SX - Descaler for boiler circuits and floor circuits INOX/ALU Price €64.50 Excluding VAT Add to Cart ALPHA CHAUF 1 N - Desludge remover + Anti-scalant + Anti-corrosion for water circuits Price From €27.10 Excluding VAT Quantity Add to Cart ALPHA CHAUF 1 - ULTRA CONCENTRATED DISPERSING CLEANSER Price From €22.61 Excluding VAT Quantity Add to Cart ALPHA CHAUF 2 - ULTRA CONCENTRATED CORROSION AND SCALE INHIBITOR PROTECTOR Price From €24.79 Excluding VAT Quantity Add to Cart BIOCIDE CH20 - Heating circuit disinfection Price €124.95 Excluding VAT Add to Cart ALPHA ACF - COMBUSTION ADDITIVE Price From €24.62 Excluding VAT Quantity Add to Cart ALPHA BT 540 PAE - Boiler flue cleaner Price €12.75 Excluding VAT Quantity Add to Cart SB 5 BF - Special oil burner cleaner Price €53.45 Excluding VAT Add to Cart FIFUITE - Gas or compressed air leak detector Price €31.80 Excluding VAT Add to Cart ALPHA DEBOUCH - PIPE UNBLOCKER Price From €21.45 Excluding VAT Quantity Add to Cart NET VMC - Bioenzymatic cleaner for VMC ducts and extraction ducts Price €69.90 Excluding VAT Add to Cart ALPHA NET PS - Solar panel cleaner Price €29.45 Excluding VAT Add to Cart NET CLIM - Special hygiene disinfectant for air conditioning batteries and filters Price €103.10 Excluding VAT Add to Cart CONDENS CLIM - Air conditioning and VMC duct cleaner Price €48.60 Excluding VAT Add to Cart NPC - Cleaner Degreaser Ovens - Bricks - Glass - Inserts Price €58.30 Excluding VAT Add to Cart ALPHA DEMOUSS - Roof/Terrace Moss Remover Price €74.20 Excluding VAT Add to Cart Our products are recommended by the brand CHAPPEE OUR PARTNER RESELLERS: 🇫🇷 PRODUITS FABRIQUÉS EN FRANCE

  • Alpha Chimie Industrie - Fabricant de produits techniques



    INSECTICIDES DRY ASSETS ALPHA AE 190 ALPHA AE 360 ALPHA L 750 ANTI-DUST MITE CAFARAN INSECT SHOCK INSECT VR+ NET MOSQUITOES STOP COCKROACH STOP WASPS Active insecticide for insects (in AEROSOL). Insecticide for creepers in lacquer (in AEROSOL). Over-active insecticide for wasps and hornets (Special Firefighters) (in AEROSOL). Flywheel insecticide. Harmless to humans and warm-blooded animals, it leaves no harmful residues. Very effective product on dust mites but also on flying and crawling insects. Particularly recommended against house dust mites and food insects. (in AEROSOL). Eliminates: cockroaches, cockroaches, ants, insect larvae, etc... Powerful aerosol intended for the destruction of the nests of wasps and hornets safely. Flying and crawling contact insecticide for treatment for professional use by spraying or thermonebulization (in AEROSOL). Liquid cleaner with very strong detergent action on all types of surfaces and soiling such as: insects crushed on car grilles and windshields, trucks and buses. Residual liquid for sprayer, destroys all crawling insects, cockroaches, cockroaches, ants, spiders, bedbugs, silverfish, woodlice. Intervention insecticide with shock effect, special nest of wasps and hornets.


    DISINFECTANTS ALPHACID 4 ALPHACID 4A ALPHACIDE B ALPHA D 830 ALPHA D 860 ALPHA D 880 ALPHA DEMOUSS ALPHA DN-CS ALPHA-NET ALPHA SA 713 CLEAN 2000 SAY BIOCIDAL FOAM ( AEROSOL ) STEROCIDE Virucidal, Bactericidal, Powerful fungicide with residual effect for medium hospital, doctor, dentist, retirement home, house of childhood, approval of the Ministry of Agriculture. Virucidal, Bactericidal, Residual fungicide in contact with food, for delicatessen laboratories, butchers, pastry shops, etc. Liquid Disinfectant, virucide, bactericide, fungicide. Disinfectant, Deodorant, Detergent, for hard surfaces that do not come into contact with foodstuffs, pleasant smell of pine, non-staining, non-irritating, opalescent liquid. Highly concentrated bactericide with Algicide/Fungicide action, wetting power reinforced, versatile use on all surfaces, materials and equipment, premises, atmosphere, little foaming. Concentrated bactericidal alkaline detergent, special foam guns or any other ultra-foaming uses, with Algicide/Fungicide action, food grade, unscented, unaffected by hard water. Fungicide, Sporicide, Powerful algaecide, intended for the treatment moss on roofs, walls, tennis courts, terraces, etc. Surface disinfectant solution (desk, workstation, tool, handle): EN 14476 Disinfection and cleaning concentrate for machine tools: Bactericidal and Fungicidal action combined with a high detergent and wetting allows ALPHA NET to remove "gums" and sludge and ensures complete cleaning and disinfection of the machines. HYDROALCOHOLIC Antiseptic solution or gel for hands and surfaces: EN 14476 Multi-purpose detergent with bactericidal effect according to standards NFT 73101 and NFT 72150. Disinfectant, Bactericide for garbage cans. Cleansing Foam with high Disinfectant & Degreaser power: Broad spectrum of activity, Bactericidal on strains: - Pseudomonas aeruginosa - Escherichia coli - Staphylococcus aureus -Streptococcus faecalis - Mycobacterium smegmatis Algicide on stumps: -Melosira - Scenedesmus - Chlorella - Oscillatoria - Navicula Bactericidal product compliant with the NFT 72151 standard. Virucidal on strains: - HIV-1 - GRP - BVDV - H1N1 - RSV - Norovirus - Rotavirus - Herpes virus -Coronavirus Antiseptic wipes with disinfectant function for hands and surfaces: EN 14476


    BUILDING RANGE ALPHA AE 980 APHA BT 00 ALPHA BT 9-10 ALPHA BT 10-20 ALPHA BT 60 ALPHA BT 140 ALPHA BT 159 ALPHA BT 160 ALPHA BT 190 ALPHA BT 360 ALPHA BT 770 ALPHA BT 950 Release oil without silicone (in AEROSOL). Quick-setting cement, quick-hardening sealant, plugging of leaks and cracks, quick seals, fillings, joint repair. Wedging of machines, levelling, self-leveling floor, coatings of electrical equipment, waterproof coatings, sealing of cracks. Mass water repellent. Mass waterproofing for protect masonry and concrete against water penetration. Weight gain retarder. Concreting in hot weather. Delays concrete setting. Additive for cement, plaster, lime. Multi-use product for repairs: flexible joints on walls, tiles, floors, wall repairs, cement paint, etc. Neutralizer, limescale hardener for cements and stones. Fluidizer for concrete. Does not contain chlorides. Antifreeze & chlorinated setting accelerator for portland cement, it is a versatile product that acts: as a hydration catalyst, freezing point depressant, plasticizer, water reducer. Underbody black, corrosion protection. give after drying a flexible film. Adheres to damp surfaces. Resists rain, diluted acids and bases, corrosion atmospheric. Resists temperature well. Liquid antifreeze for concrete. Chloride-free liquid, accelerator of hardening, plasticizer, moderate air entrainer, protects down to -8°C.


    PLUMBER HEATING ENGINEER BROCHURE 153 HP 227 1002/C AIR DRY FD ALPHA ACF ALPHA BT 540 ALPHA BT 541 ALPHA HOT 1 ALPHA HOT 2 ALPHA DEBOUCH ALPHA DES ALPHA MAIN VS ALUMINUM HT SDC DEGRIP AL DETARCIDE FUTURE SPOILED Aerosol MANOCLEAN Wipes NDC 304 NET AC PH NEUTRALIZER NPCs NSH SB 5 BF Ultra Concentrated Broad Area Universal Cleaner Cleaner - Detergent with high cleaning and degreasing power with disinfectant action Powerful descaler for boiler circuits Dust blower Combustion additive, Cleaner, Anti-sludge, Combustion improver for diesel and domestic fuel oil Boiler Flue Cleaner - Removes soot and scale deposits Powder Cleaner Boiler flues - Stoves - Inserts - Chimneys Dispersant - Sludge remover for heating circuits Deoxidizer for heating circuit, anti-corrosion protector Powerful drain cleaner Multi-surface ecological descaler gel for sanitary facilities Solvent-free vegetable hand cleaner with pure lavender essential oils Very high temperature aluminum paint Dérochant cleaner, industrial renovator for the restoration of aluminum heating bodies Multi-function penetrating oil Fragile surface descaler with reinforced bactericidal effect Gas leak detector Gas leak detector Cleaning wipes for hands and objects without soap, without water and in all situations Powerful descaling deoxidizing cleaner for restoring heating bodies Disinfectant cleaner for air conditioning in Aerosol 400 ml NET Neutralizer for acid product Fireplace insert cleaner Cleaner - Dispersant favoring the degradation of hydrocarbons or derivatives of petroleum products Specific cleaner for oil burners


    AIR FRESHENERS FRESH AIR FRESH ALPHA DEO ALSAM DEONET DEODORANT ODOR DESTROYER FLORAL PERFUMER Deodorant - Bactericide - Insecticide - Algicide (in AEROSOL) Raspberry scented air freshener deodorant. Odor destroyer for sewer, toilet, urinal, shower, trash, etc. Air freshener, odor destroyer, natural fragrance Deodorizer - Sanitizer - Bacteriostatic. Destroys and eliminates any type of bad smelling emanation, tangerine fragrance (in AEROSOL). Floral bouquet perfume. Freshener with room fragrance, special machine automatic electronic | (in AEROSOL).


    AEROSOLS DRY ASSETS SUBSCRIBE ADHESIVE GR FRESH AIR DRY AIR ALPHA AE 70 ALPHA AE 100 ALPHA AE 130 ALPHA AE 190 ALPHA AE 330 ALPHA AE 360 ALPHA AE 570 ALPHA AE 650 ALPHA AE S20 ALPHA AE 960 ALPHA AE 980 ALPHA LUB ALPHA S 350 ALPLAST ALSIL G ALUB 100 ALUMINUM HT ANTI PROJECT BITUMEN S LHT COPPER COPPER SPRAY HT DECA P DACA PG TAKE OFF POSTERS DEGRIP AL ODOR DESTROYER DEODORANT DETACH DIELEC S ELECTRONET FUTURE GLOSS GALVANIZED GLAVA BRILLANT FD GALVAMAT GR ALU HT GR MOS 2 INSECT SHOCK INSECT VR+ GLYCERO LACQUER LUB-N DRY LUBE DL FOAM NET SCREEN STAINLESS STEEL NET FOAM CARBURETOR CLEANER PM FORESTRY CLEAN POLISH NOZZLE PROTECTOR PROTEC II TOTAL PROTECTION REFRIGELEC SILI-AL SILUB A FOAM MAT TEK SL TRASOL HT ENGINE VARNISH VITRE + _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Active insecticide for insects. Allows to increase the adhesion of the belts. Adhesive grease with water-repellent and anti-rust properties. Deodorant - Bactericide - Insecticide - Algicide. Blowing & Refrigerating. Protective wax. Water repellent - Oil repellent - Anti-stain for leather and textiles. Assembly paste, extreme pressure, non-stick, excellent resistance to high and low temperatures. Insecticide for creepers in lacquer. Furniture polish in wood, formica, plastics, leather, bodywork automobiles, very high silicone content. Over-active insecticide for wasps and hornets (special firefighters). PTF.E sliding varnish. (Polytetrafluoroethylene). Molybdenum disulphide grease. All lubrications difficult (greasing, anti-seize - engine spark plugs thermal - bolts - slides - rollers - etc ...). Foam detergent, cleanser, stain remover, deodorizer versatile, antistatic, plant-based, natural, ecological, biodegradable. Universal release agent, for plastics, polyester, polystyrene, etc. Release oil without silicone. Neat oil for tapping, threading of all metals. Soluble synthetic ecological solvent, stain remover, dewaxer, remover of rubber marks, glues, removes graffiti with markers. Acrylic varnish for application on all surfaces. Plastic part release agent and restorer, lubricant hinge, etc... Anti-seize lubricant - high temperatures. Aluminum paint, special for retouching with a shiny appearance. Non-stick protection against welding spatter. Anti-rust protector for bodywork, roof sealing. Copper powder complex, high temperature anti-seize. Golden copper varnish, with a very high anti-rust power and high temperature resistant. Paint and graffiti remover. Felt anti-graffiti remover, non-toxic. Peel off poster, self-adhesive label. Super penetrating oil: 5 actions Unseizes, Lubricates, Water-repellent, Degreases, Anti-rust. Eliminates bad odors (bins, laboratories, waste industrial). Deodorizer - Sanitizer - Bacteriostatic. Stain remover: Textile, Carpet Electronics cleaner, designed for flux cleaning welding and degreasing of metal parts. Solvent cleaner & degreaser for electronics rapid evaporation. Gas or compressed air leak detector. Corrosion protection. “HIGH FLOW” corrosion protection. Anti-rust cold galvanizing paint with zinc. Anti-seize product based on high temperature aluminum powder. Molybdenum disulphide grease. Special insecticide bepicide with powerful propulsion. Insecticide for flying & crawling. Coating and touch-up paints for automobile bodies. Black grease based on bitumen, high adhesion. Excellent protector against wear, seizing and rubbing. Degreaser - Tar remover - Polishing - Renovating all surfaces. Cleaning: computer screens and their keyboards, equipment optics, video equipment, etc. Cleans, protects, polishes, preserves stainless steel and aluminium. Cleansing foam, deodorant, versatile, antistatic, ecological. Specially designed to easily and quickly eliminate gums and deposits in the carburettors. Special marking of trees - identification of cuts. Renovator: Wood, Skai, Furniture, Dashboard, Surface enamelled … (without silicones). Excellent protector against weld spatter. Specially designed for semi-welding nozzles automatic or continuous line on robot. Water-repellent and corrosion-inhibiting protective fluid. Water repellent for leather, carpet, textile. Cooler - Froster - For electronics. Anti-adherent and release agent. Silicone lubricant. Carpet and vehicle seat cleaner. water repellent corrosion inhibitor. Fluorescent paint for tracing: parking lots, special bitumen support, cement, road tracing. Corrosion protection for vehicle engine and parts mechanical. Windshield washer.


    DETERGENTS ALCLEAN NM ALDECIRANT ALMAIN T ALPHA-D 30 ALPHA D 170 ALPHA D 540 ALPHA D 690 ALPHA-D 700 ALPHA D 830 ALPHA D 860 ALPHA D 580 ALPHA DA 140 ALPHA DA 990 ALPHA MAIN EXTRA ALPHA MAIN NM ALPHA HAND M ALPHA MAV ALPHA GLASS ALVAP NM CAR WASH CAR HAND CITRO NET SOL CPF DD FOAM DPL 600 DURAL 100 LINO WASH MAXIMUM NET MOSQUITOES NETTM FLOOR CLEANER MFN PINO LAV RINC BRILL VS LEMON 153 153A 153 S _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Special non-foaming liquid, hard water and soft water for lava automatic and industrial dishes. Dewaxing detergent for floors. Super gel, loaded with bactericidal and antiseptic active ingredient. Super degreaser for kitchens, filters, hoods, utensils, grills, containers, drip pans, tiled floors, does not contain soda caustic. Universal detergent in pre-measured doses. Ideal for : all routine cleaning, floors, walls, ceramics. Flue gas cleaner. Removal of soot and scale deposits in boiler flue gas circuits. Dry cleaning of carpets. The treated carpet is usable after 30 minutes. Alkaline powder detergents for difficult soiling. Cleaners, degreasers for all purposes and especially for metals - in bath, brush, washing tunnel, food grade. Disinfectant - Deodorant - Detergent - For hard surfaces not coming into contact with foodstuffs. Smell pleasant pine, non-staining, non-irritating, opalescent liquid. Highly concentrated bactericide with algaecide/fungicide action. Reinforced wetting power, versatile use on all surfaces, materials and equipment, premises, atmosphere, little foaming. Concentrated bactericidal alkaline detergent, special foam guns or any other ultra-foaming use, with algaecide/fungicide action, Bodywork shampoo, removes road film on the automotive body, non-corrosive, non-caustic. food grade, unscented, unaffected by hard water. Special compositions for vehicle cleaning road and railway surfaces, ceramic surfaces, steel surfaces. Liquid hand soap with bactericidal action, against salmonella and staphylococci, special food environment. Special gel soap for very dirty hands (grease, paint, grease, inks). Special mechanical workshop gel soap. Special liquid degreaser, weakly alkaline, for steam and hot water machines. Glass and laminate surface polish cleaner. Concentrated alkaline detergent, food grade, special high pressure cleaner, auto-scrubber, mono-brush.…. Special high-performance cleaner for vehicles, weight heavy and bus. Multipurpose (high pressure washer, gantries, foam cannon). Protective shampoo for bodywork, manual washing. Residual deodorizing detergent for floors, toilets, urinals. Lemon scent. Ultra-concentrated, multi-purpose liquid detergent, apple scent. Powerful detergent, bactericidal disinfectant without formaldehyde, without quaternary ammonium and without phosphate for food industries and pools with cannon application to mousse. Detergent, degreaser and dewaxer for bodies and engines. Reinforced universal detergent. Polishing and protective cleaning detergent for tiles based on linseed oil. Degreaser for garage floors, service station areas, factories, machine tools, agricultural equipment. Detergent with very strong action on all types of surfaces and dirt such as: insects crushed on grilles and windshields of cars, trucks and buses. Liquid cleaner for fabrics and carpets. Linseed oil floor cleaner. Super instant liquid for ovens, hobs and insert fireplaces. Disinfectant detergent for floors with deodorizing effect residual based on natural pine essence. High Gloss Machine Rinse Additive to wash the dishes. Liquid detergent concentrated in natural active ingredient for washing dishes by hand. Degreaser, water-dilutable detergent, wide-field very concentrated action. High performance cleaner for food environments (butcher, slaughterhouse, cold room). Special high-performance non-foaming detergent for cars washer.


    PAINT STRIPPERS ALPHA 20 BIO DECAP BIO DECAP G DECA L DECAP DECAP PG Gel stripper for paints, varnishes, coatings and graffiti. Special for wood and delicate substrates (metals, light alloys, imitation, leathers, laminates, printed circuits). Ecological paint stripper - Gel. Remover for graffiti on plastic material. Liquid stripper. Paint and graffiti remover (in AEROSOL). Felt anti-graffiti remover, non-toxic (in AEROSOL).


    OILS AND GREASES ALPHA AE 650 ALPHA AR W ALPHA GL4 AND GL5 ALPHA LUB 5W50 ALPHA SUPER TRACTOR ALPHA TURBO EXTRA SG/C ALUB HT 1200 GR SILICONE GR-SL-BM HBV 80W90 HYDRO HV 46 ISO 100 _cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Molybdenum disulphide grease. All lubrications difficult (greasing, anti-seize, engine spark plugs thermal, bolts, slides, rollers, etc...) In AEROSOL. Long-lasting rust protection. Semi-synthetic oil for mechanical transmissions 100% synthetic motor oil. Universal oil for tractors. Universal oil for petrol and diesel engines. Assembly paste, anti-seize for high temperature. Release agent: release of plastic materials and foundry articles. Lubricating agent: lubrication elastomers or plastics on metal. Agent sliding or moving parts. (AEROSOL). Lithium soap grease and molybdenum disulphide. EP oil for speed reducers, gearboxes and automobile differentials. Hydraulic oil for industrial and agricultural machinery. Special compressor oil.

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