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Nettoyant panneaux solaires

ALPHA NET PS - Solar panel cleaner

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1 5 Liter can


Avoid the use of washing or dilution water loaded with minerals, which, after drying, leaves a calcareous veil opacifying the transparency of the glass surfaces. 

Specially developed for cleaning the surfaces of panels or modules of photovoltaic assemblies after installation during installation or during periodic maintenance.  

Does not attack frames made of light alloys, anodized aluminum, polyamide connector protections. Its very low surface tension ensures an effective and rapid wetting action. 

Allows surfaces to be quickly cleaned in order to maintain a surface condition ensuring optimal performance of the installation. 

With antistatic functions, delays adhesion and fixation of dust on surfaces. 

Periodic cleaning of the panels prevents stubborn encrustation of particles and dirt on the glass and reduces the risk of frosting or scratching the surfaces when removing old deposits.


For more information on this product, see the “Technical Sheets” tab on our site.

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