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Désembouant + Antitarte + Anticorrosion pour circuits d'eau

ALPHA CHAUF 1 N - Desludge remover + Anti-scalant + Anti-corrosion for water circuits

PriceFrom €27.10
Excluding VAT

For closed circuits, heating, air conditioning, heated floors, radiators. NON-FOAMING. Quickly effective in COLD or HOT water (up to 100°C). With blue colored indicator allowing you to visualize the presence of the product in the water circuit and its distribution

in all the different parts of the circuits.



Provides stable pH correction at the recommended concentration. Limits sedimentation problems of suspended particles during operational shutdowns and corrosion problems. Avoids poor performance of installations, accumulation of sludge deposits at the bottom of radiators, noise in circuits and boilers, reduces energy waste, risks of blockages or deterioration of valves, taps , pumps.

Compatibilities: ●STEEL CIRCUITS ●CIRCUIT comprising several metals including STEEL, COPPER, and ALUMINUM while respecting the usual conditions ●HEATED FLOOR TUBE in Crosslinked Polyethylene.


For more information on this product, see the “Technical Sheets” tab on our site.

  • Calcul quantité produit :

    ALPHA CHAUF 1 N doit être dilué dans le circuit d'eau à 1% soit 1 Litre pour 100L d'eau (en moyenne un installation de 7 à 8 radiateurs) pour une installation de chauffage classique.

    Pour un plancher chauffant, vous devez calculer le volume d'eau de votre installation de plancher chauffant, par exemple si l'installation est en tube 13/16. 1 m lineaire de tube =0,13 litre. 1m² de plancher en pas de 15 cm =0,86 litre. 1m² de plancher en pas de 20 cm = 0,65 litre. 

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