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Nettoyant Désoxydant Décalaminant pour Corps de Chauffe ALUMINIUM/INOX


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1 Can of 5 Liters

NDC 304 is a POWERFUL DEOXIDIZING CLEANER, for restoring stainless steel, aluminum and copper heating bodies. It acts quickly and dissolves significant residues of carbon and silica deposits in the heating body as well as metal oxides . It renovates: tarnished or oxidized aluminum and stainless steel. NDC 304 leaves a protective deposit on the surface. NDC 304 is a preparation based on a combination of predominantly phosphoric acid functions, surfactants, attack limiters and corrosion inhibitors. NDC 304 is miscible in water in all proportions, is a concentrate with a high content of active ingredients. It does not attack common plastics and rubbers. DO NOT PUT in contact with surfaces: polished or anodized aluminium, Avoid contact with painted supports and surfaces sensitive to acid cleaners such as: glass, porcelain, etc. . In case of contact, wash immediately and abundantly with clear water. PRECAUTIONS and CONTRAINDICATIONS: . Do not mix or put in contact with strong alkalis or bleach (chlorine). Close the packaging after each use. Avoid contact with polished glazed surfaces (glass). Protect from freezing during storage. DIRECTIONS AND DOSAGE: BEFORE STARTING ANY INTERVENTION: Put on an anti-acid suit, gloves, apron, boots and visual protection against acid splashes. NDC 304 can be used pure or diluted, in baths, or as a spray in the case of light descaling. Very oxidized surfaces: 1 part of product for 1 part of water Moderately oxidized surfaces: 1 part of product for 2 parts of water Adapt the concentration and the contact time according to the state of the support. Average contact time: between 60 mins and 180 mins Then rinse thoroughly with clear water. PRODUCT FOR PROFESSIONAL USE

  • Manual

    Depending on the degree of contamination of the heating body, use the pure product or dilute at the rate of 1 volume of product to 2 volumes of water. Concentration to be adapted according to the thickness of the deposits.

    Apply using a sprayer in the heating body or by soaking in a bath (for the restoration and complete unblocking of the heating body).

    Leave to act for a few minutes then rinse with clean water.

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